XN1101-K - Skyline Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Includes only Gasket

Direct Replacement SKYLINE - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : Aftermarket DPF not for sale in California. Part includes gaskets, but no clamps.

Ready to Ship Std Pack : 1
$ 1436 .80

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Brand Name SKYLINEWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewWarranty 24 Months

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Cross References

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XN1101-KSKYLINEDirect Replacement
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A-CEXH-XN1101SKYLINEDirect Replacement
A-CEXH-XN1101-CSKYLINEDirect Replacement
A-CEXH-XN1101-GSKYLINEDirect Replacement
A-CEXH-XN1101-KSKYLINEDirect Replacement
XN1101-CSKYLINEDirect Replacement
XN1101SKYLINEDirect Replacement
XN1101-GSKYLINEDirect Replacement