US2304 - U.S. MOTORS New Water Pump Fits Volvo Mack Application with D11 D13 D16 MP7 MP9 MP10 Engines

Direct Replacement U.S. MOTORS - Direct Replacement

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Volvo D11 D13 D16. Metal impeller

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Brand Name U.S. MOTORSWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewWarranty 12 Months

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
21468472MackDirect Replacement
22197709MackDirect Replacement
85142304VOLVODirect Replacement
85124621VOLVODirect Replacement
OTR43445HDFLEETPRIDE INC.Direct Replacement
20744944MackDirect Replacement
21228795MackDirect Replacement
801131MackDirect Replacement
85003160MackDirect Replacement
85003709MackDirect Replacement
85151110MackDirect Replacement
US2304U.S. MOTORSDirect Replacement
1106-0002MISC MFGDirect Replacement
18-2082MISC MFGDirect Replacement
18-2089MISC MFGDirect Replacement
801131PAIDirect Replacement
85151109PREVOSTDirect Replacement
801131VOLVODirect Replacement
85109694VOLVODirect Replacement
85110396VOLVODirect Replacement
85116648VOLVODirect Replacement
85116650VOLVODirect Replacement
85116652VOLVODirect Replacement
85142303VOLVODirect Replacement
85142305VOLVODirect Replacement