US2093 - U.S. MOTORS Engine Water Pump

Direct Replacement U.S. MOTORS - Direct Replacement

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Brand Name U.S. MOTORSWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewWarranty 12 Months

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
10R0483CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
1354925CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
18-1787CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
3520212CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
381802CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
44054CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
6012CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
6I3890CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
7009EXCATERPILLARDirect Replacement
OR4120CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
OR8218CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
OR8330CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
RW6012XCATERPILLARDirect Replacement
WPHD6012CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
7006EXBEPCODirect Replacement
7009EXBEPCODirect Replacement
G6I3890GEOMAR HEAVY DUTYDirect Replacement
18-1787EASTERNDirect Replacement
OTR44054HDFLEETPRIDE INC.Direct Replacement
44054GATESDirect Replacement
RW6012XHADEXDirect Replacement
RW6012XHALDEXDirect Replacement
US2093U.S. MOTORSDirect Replacement
381802PAIDirect Replacement
4012SLOANDirect Replacement
6012SLOANDirect Replacement
6012TRAMEC SLOANDirect Replacement