649051 - DURAFIT Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Direct Replacement DIESEL TECH - Direct Replacement, DURAFIT - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : DOC comes with Gasket set.. This DOC fits Ford 6.4L standard pickups only. It does not fit chassis cabs or cutaways. Note that this is the DOC only and works with DPF 649001

Ready to Ship Std Pack : 1
$ 449 .80

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Brand Name DURAFITWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewWarranty 24 Months

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
649051DURAFITDirect Replacement
649051DIESEL TECHDirect Replacement
9C3Z5H267BFORDDirect Replacement